Ensuring that business flows as smoothly as possible is a responsibility of every employee within a company. But, assurance of quality within any business is exceptionally hard to achieve. In most cases, depending on the size of the corporation, a large amount of effort is necessary to properly secure the integrity of workflow.

This is where Carsley and Associates' QMS (Quality Management System) can assist you.

For you and your company, we provide an entirely web-based software application that will simplify and shorten the dreaded quality assurance process. In fact, for the past 6 years the QMS has been in production use by several companies and has been adapted to differing corporate settings such as the steel industry. At your request we will customize the application and its presentation to meet your personal needs and the needs of your industry.

In using QMS your company will be able to track all of the issues it may encounter. Such issues may include, but are not bounded to, employee and/or customer complaints, production flaws, or even communication discrepancies.

Features at a Glance:
  • Customize reports with a drag and drop designer
  • Integrated security, allowing users to see only what they should
  • Support for both SQL Server and Oracle databases
  • Modern interface is easy for anyone to use
  • Multi-language capabilities for international businesses

More Information: