How much customization is needed to use QMS in a steel industry setting? (top)
None! Our Quality Management System is already customized for your needs as a modern steel manufacturer, supplier, or other steel company. We will even host your quality system for you, if you want. If you need specific customizations, we will make the changes for you - so you are assured of a robust and reliable system.
How can QMS help my company meet ISO 9000 requirements? (top)
QMS comes with integrated audit support and complete system tracking, so there is no need for special documentation as outlined in ISO 9000.
My current quality solution is not delivering what my company needs. How is QMS different? (top)
Our Quality Management System was designed by actual steel industry quality professionals, so you know that you are getting a quality system that works in the real world.
Our current quality solution is a messy mixture of several distinct applications. How is QMS organized? (top)
The Carsley Quality Management System brings together the best aspects of a modular and a holistic program. Custom modules mean that you can select what aspects you need for your quality system, while maintaining the flow and feel of a seamless program. Everything is tied together in one list, which has all CAs, PAs, Documents, CIS projects and more.
Some of our employees are frequently out-of-office visiting customers. How does QMS accommodate them? (top)
The Carsley Quality Management System is entirely web based. It works from the web browser of any computer, so you can access it anywhere there is a computer and internet.
We have offices in multiple countries. How does QMS handle this? (top)
Our Quality Management System was carefully designed with the global economy in mind. Users can switch the language of the interface with the click of a button. There is a built-in interface to make it easy for your employees to translate important cases into multiple languages.